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Will I get my deleted songs and videos back from my iPod

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Are you a music lover? Are you fond of listening to music? Do you use iPod for listening music everywhere, say home to college, back to home from college, and so on? IPod is a great companion for music lovers. They can enjoy music wherever they want, however, deletion of songs and videos from iPod can end up their joy. For example, you accide

How do you recover the lost data now? Do you know any method to get the lost data back? Yeah, restoring backup is the best way but what if you do not have backup and you even do not know any other method to recover the lost data. Do not worry! One of the solutions that can help doing iPod music recovery is Kernel for iPod Data Recovery.

The software automatically recovers all data from the iPod that you have accidentally deleted. The software has the capability to help recovering deleted data. You just need to execute the following steps:
ntally deleted all music files stored in the iPod. Now, you do not have backup of those music files and collecting them again is a tedious and time-consuming task for you.
  1. Download the iPod music recovery software.
  2. Install the software.
  3. Attach iPod to the computer USB port.
  4. Launch the software. Kernel for iPod data recovery software appears, as shown below:
  5. Click the Standard Scan button.
  6. The software automatically detects the iPod and starts scanning it. Once the scanning process is done, the iPod music recovery software displays all recovered music files and videos. The software lists the recovered data in the left panel.
  7. Select any of the recovered files to check if it is working. The software displays the file preview, as shown below:
You can listen to the file by switching on the speakers or headphone attached to the computer. Once you have made sure that the data is recovered with good quality, select the music files that you want to save. You can, however, save all recovered data.

Kernel for iPod Music Recovery software can be installed on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, and Windows 2000 operating systems. For more information about tool, features and GUI, visit : http://www.softwaredatarecovery.net/ipodrecovery.html

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  1. Before few days ago, I have lost my important song from iPod then I read this blog and visit its link. It is very useful blog for me. The software actually worked and recovered my all song. Thanks


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