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Know the easiest solution to recover your corrupt photos

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In current scenario, where digital camera is getting very popular because of its many advance features and easy to use mechanism, the need to manage the clicked photo is too getting complex day by day. Though, these highly advance digital cameras allow you to capture unforgettable memories in the form of photos and store it into different sort of memory cards such as SD Card, Micro SD Card or Mini SD Card, sometimes unfortunate incidents occur resulting in the loss of priceless photos.

Using digital cameras, lots of situations do occur which are responsible for making photographs inaccessible. Some common situations are mentioned below:-

  1. Formatting of memory card – In situations when you format the memory card inappropriately for whatever reason, either in the camera or on your PC, there is always a possibility of photo file getting corrupt. It is highly recommended to never use the camera controls while you format the card.
  2. Transferring photo images on to desktops or laptops – At times, the photographs also get corrupt during the transfer of content from memory card to desktops or laptops. In fact, in most of the occasions, it become inaccessible and throws error like images not found errors, etc.
  3. Accidental deletion of images – Just like in formatting, unintentional deletion of image files also result in the loss of photo. In fact, situations do arise where individuals fail completely to understand the functionality of various keys of camera and accidently delete photos unknowingly.
  4. Non-physical damage/data failure – There could be different scenarios, where incidents like pulling out the memory card while the camera is on or switching off the camera while data is being written too result in the loss of image files. This is where your camera would give an error.
  5. Physical damage – Incidents do take place where memory card too suffer from physical damage and ultimately make it unreadable. In such scenario, the chances of recovery depend upon the level of damage.
  6. Card affected by viruses and malwares – There are circumstances where SD card got contaminated with certain spywares result in the photo loss. These viruses remove the content from digital cameras and make it hard to find.
Besides this, the other most common causes of loss or corruption of photos from memory card are –

  • Usage of the same memory card is different cameras
  • Shooting images with a low battery
  • Switching to the Play or View mode while the photo is still being written
You must understand that these memory cards make use of complex low level sector virtualization generally termed as "wear leveling algorithm" to allocate the wear uniformly across the memory array and take full advantage of the number of write cycles it can uphold. However, there are circumstances when this algorithm partially kick in and cause loss of photos. However, whatever be the cause of the loss of photos, it is important that you make an early attempt to retrieve them as soon as possible.

However, you can easily opt for a manual method to retrieve corrupt data. Just follow the steps mentioned below to restore lost photo from SD card -

  1. Use the USB cable in order to connect your SD card to a computer.
  2. After the system detects the SD card, open it, though you must make sure that you stop using the memory card at once.
  3. After the system detects the card, ensure to examine the recycle bin on your memory card. Examine on the memory card to view whether the files are currently being stored in the recycle bin or not.

Important: Kindly note that there are chances where the system might not able to detect the memory card from the digital device. Not to worry, just continue the recovery process as mentioned and you will be able to fix the data loss.

  1. Click Start and then Run.
  2. Type cmd and then click OK. Type the following:
    1. chkdsk [sd card drive letter] /rThis command will Scan for and attempt the successful recovery of bad sectors
    2. chkdsk [sd card drive letter] /f This command will automatically fix file system errors on the disk
The MS-DOS chkdsk command scans, list the errors and helps in correction of those errors. In the meanwhile, while you use chkdsk command, there is always a propensity that drive remains ideal at that time. However, in the meantime when drive seems ideal just ensure you continue the scanning procedure by constantly pressing “Y”. It will start to run through entire files and directories. After the entire scanning gets over, you will be asked whether you really want to save lost chains into files and all that you require to do is answer “Yes”.

After few minutes, Chkdsk will report back with the final output. Once the scanning gets over, you will be able to have the clear preview of the detected files. Finally, just check the drive and observe your lost files stored in memory card. Nevertheless, just in case you fail to restore the lost photos, you can also take help of third party photo recovery application. With the help of different photo recovery applications that are available online, it is lot easy to download; access and one can very well restore the required lost photo from memory card.For more information, please visit our websites :

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  3. Hello,

    while transferring video using Shareit application my memory card got damaged. My mobile unable to detect the SD card, and in my pc unable to format it or recover files and videos that were saved earlier. kindly advise.

  4. Hi Surajit,

    In such case, you can take only two options :-

    1. Erase all Data and re-use the drive
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