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Perform iPod data recovery after receiving an unknown error

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Consider a real time situation, while synching your iPod shuffle with the iTunes on your Mac, you suddenly realize that the sync failed. Consequently, you receive the error message given below:

"Attempting to copy to the disk failed. An unknown error occurred (-69)"

You might feel taken aback by this ruthless behavior of your system and find it difficult to decide the next step to perform iPod data recovery to ease the circumstances. You cannot do anything to perform ipod data recovery in a situation like this if you do not have any idea about the reason that led to this issue. The reason behind the occurrence of this error message is that iTunes tried to send corrupt, damaged or unusable data to your iPod shuffle. In order to deal with this issue, you need to check that transferring of which of the files resulted in this error.
  1. In order to resolve the error, you need to update iTunes to the latest version:
  2. Control-click and select Sync songs. The error occurs immediately

  3. Remove the file from the list of files that need to be synched. Select Music from the Source Pane of iTunes in case the audio file is bad and then again select Movies if it is a video file.

  4. Start Sync again and keep a tab on the top panel of the iTunes window
  5. The Sync operation completes successfully or gives the same error in iTunes
  6. You will need to uncheck the file that resulted in this error
  7. Keep repeating until the Sync completes. Successful completion of sync determines that the files were not damaged
Although, this is a slow process but you can continue syncing your iTunes all over again. However, if you are still not able to resolve this issue, you can switch to Kernel for iPod music recovery software. Ipod data recovery software acts as an ideal way to perform recovery and ensure that you do not lose on important data.Please check this link for more information about the software:  http://www.ipodmusicrecovery.org/

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